Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir

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Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir

Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir

Searle Friedman, Founder

Conductor: David Millard
Accompanist: Danielle Lee

Tuesdays, 7:30–9:30 pm

The largest, best, and ONLY Yiddish choir in Canada, the Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir performs the music of the Jewish people in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and English, as well as other languages of countries where Jews have lived.

The Choir performs for holiday celebrations and special events at the Peretz Centre and in the Jewish and mainstream communities. It also holds an annual Spring Concert each June.

Major works performed in recent years have included Rozhinkes mit mandlen, Yomervokhets (Jabberwocky), In Amerike, Benyomin der driter, Ikh bin a Yid, Oyb nit nokh hekher, and excerpts from Di yam gazlonim(Pirates of Penzance, translated into Yiddish by Al Grand).

Come join us on Tuesday evenings for some great music!

Our Repertoire:
Spring concert programmes
Khanike (Hanukkah) repertoire
Peysakh (Pesach) repertoire

Registration and payment information

Please note: during the Covid period, the choir isn’t meeting in person or performing. However, we are running a series of skills development workshops (Tuesdays, 7-8:15) for past, present and prospective future choir members. Topics include posture, sight reading, ear training, basic music theory, and much more. For information: 604-325-1812 ext.1, or

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