Radical Readings Lecture Series

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Peretz is now into the second year of our wildly successful Radical Readings series, which has been profiled in the Langara Voice and on Spice Radio. This series takes a radical look at traditional Jewish texts from the areas of Tanakh, Talmud, Halacha, and Hasidic Thought to see how they can surprise or enrich us today.

2019 Lectures:


Jan 17:  The Talmud and The City

The Talmud, the central book of Jewish law and ethics, was born in a city. It’s preoccupations, and its ethical questions, are urban. What does it have to teach us about the ethics of city life, and the unique obligations of the urban community?

In this interactive lecture suitable for both complete beginners in the Talmud as well as seasoned students of it, we will explore a series of questions relevant to our life in Vancouver through the lens of this key Jewish text.


Feb 14: Heretical Hasids


The Hasidic movement was an explosion of Jewish theological and mystical creativity which sometimes pushed the boundaries of normative Jewish thought. In this text we will look at those Hasidic movements which pushed the boundaries of Jewish thought and sometimes of Hasidic custom itself.


Matthew Gindin is a  journalist and educator who has taught on Jewish culture for more than a decade. 

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