Klezmer Community Project

Klezmer Community Project2020-10-27T12:02:27-07:00

Klezmer music is the musical expression of Ashkenazi Cultural Jewishness, as is the Yiddish dance repertoire that has survived.

The Klezmer Community project is for people of all ages, both Jews and non-Jews.

There will be two workshops running in parallel on each of three Sundays. One will be the group of instrumentalists who, divided into smaller ensembles, will learn to play traditional tunes together and even learn how to make new arrangements in the moment. Each ensemble will have a professional lead musician in charge.

A Yiddish dance workshop will be happening concurrently under the lead of a professional dancer. Participants will learn simple dances in circles and lines, as well as the hand, upper body and facial expressions that comprise Jewish expressivity.

The series of three Sundays will culminate in a final party at which the musicians will play live for the dancers and the dancers will in turn inspire the ensembles to sound bolder and merrier.

Dates, times and fees for the current year’s Klezmer Community Project will be posted when they become available.

Please note: during the Covid period, it is not possible to run this program. We hope to run it again once Covid restrictions are lifted.

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