Family Education

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Family Education

Family Education — How do you do Jewish?

Every other Sunday 2-4 PM

Family Education
Our bi-weekly Jewish secular educational gathering for families with children 5-9 is a supportive progressive community helping kids and their families learn, grow and discover their own way to be Jewish. It focuses not only on teaching kids, but also on helping families build a sense of Jewish identity and culture that works for them. Parents, kids, and other significant people can all attend together, with age appropriate activities, games, discussions offered in a very open environment to encourage a love of learning. We sing, dance, cook, talk, learn, laugh, study, do crafts, have fun, and play together, forming a Jewish community that fits the individuals and families that participate. We encourage free-thinking, questioning, discussion, cultural study, genealogical research and more, and find our joy in being Jewish in a positive, loving and accepting environment.

Family EducationWe welcome diversity, and hold a safe space for unaffiliated young families to joyfully connect with their traditions and one another. We value inclusion, humanistic progressive secularism, and positive space for inter-cultural, LGBTQ, mixed marriages, and non-religious families.

You can join us at any time throughout the year!

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