Exploring Jewish Writers (EJW)

Exploring Jewish Writers (EJW)2020-07-09T16:12:59-07:00

During this period of Covid-19, this lively group meets on zoom every Saturday morning from 10:30 to 12:15, to read and discuss English-language texts of prominent Jewish writers. Some of these texts will be translations, others will have been written in English. Sometimes the texts are provided in advance as a .pdf; sometimes the group reads aloud in turn, which can allow for interruptions for questions and comments and results in spontaneous and stimulating discussion. If for any reason you choose not to read aloud, you can follow the text while others read, and join the discussion.

For questions or to be added to the Zoom invitation list, contact Al Stein, 604 731 1193 or alstein577@gmail.com

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