Adult B’nai Mitzvah Bootcamp

Adult B’nai Mitzvah Bootcamp2016-10-11T18:11:10+00:00

The Peretz Centre offers an excellent opportunity for adults seeking to learn more about Jewish history, culture, traditions and identity through a short series of seminars. These seminars are designed to provide an introduction to Jewish learning and open doors into further study.

Obviously, the entire body of Yiddishkayt cannot be comprehensively assimilated in a few hours, but at the conclusion of this course, participants will have achieved:

  • A better understanding of their own Jewish identity and various ideas of what constitutes Jewish identity
  • A broad understanding of Jewish history and cultural traditions
  • A deeper understanding of Jewish religion and philosophy
  • Knowledge of Jewish holidays and ideas about how to celebrate them in a way that is meaningful to each learner
  • A broader appreciation of Jewish contribution to the arts and sciences
  • A brief introduction to Jewish languages, including Yiddish and Hebrew

Over the course of the seminars, participants are invited to develop a presentation or project on a Jewish topic of their choice, which is presented to their classmates and instructors as part of an informal graduation ceremony.

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