DreidelsWe begin the season with a community latke-making day (see below for details) during which we invite you to bring your favorite latke recipes, new and old!

Then come celebrate the Festival of Lights with us. This year’s event will be a dinnertime gathering, which will replace our monthly Fraytik tsu Nakht secular Shabbes. We will have a potluck dinner, latkes, jelly donuts. As with our other celebrations, we present a family friendly program with the lighting of everyone’s menorah, holiday songs, dreidel games, Hanukkah gelt, Hanukkah-inspired crafts for kids and a variety of homemade latkes to feast on.

Latke Cookoff

Our annual Latke Cookoff! We have had a great time doing this in the past. Peretz will be supplying oil for cooking, applesauce and sour cream. Bring your own latke recipes, potatoes, food processors, onions, eggs, matzah meal and whatever and lets all cook and eat together. We really welcome everyone to this event – friends, grandparents, cousins – the whole mishbuchah! All previous members of Family Ed or B’nail Mitzvah as well as newcomers are encouraged to attend.

If you are coming to Peretz for the first time, please call 604-325-1812 to let us know you so we can make a space for you at our table!

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