My Four Favorite Yiddish Proverbs This Week

My Four Favorite Yiddish Proverbs This Week

2017-02-25T21:31:14-08:00Yiddish Wisdom|


I haven’t had as much time for this blog this week, so in lieu of my usual proverb with commentary, here are the four best Yiddish proverbs I discovered this week (from Fred Kogos’ “Dictionary of Popular Yiddish Words, Phrases and Proverbs”):


Hob mich vainik lib nor hob mich lang lib.


Better love me little, but love me long.


Hob nit kain moireh ven du host nit kain ander braireh.


Don’t be scared when you have no other choice.


In a shainem epel gefint men a mol a vorem.


In a good apple, you sometimes find a worm.


Kain braireh iz oich a braireh.


No choice is also a choice.


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