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Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir
Searle Friedman, Founder

Conductor: David Millard
Accompanist: Elliott Dainow

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Next performance: Annual Spring Concert

Sunday, June 12, 2:30
Feature work: Oyfn fidl
Guest artists: Sulam

choir june 2015

Tuesdays, 7:30–9:30 pm

The largest, best, and ONLY Yiddish choir west of Winnipeg, the Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir performs the music of the Jewish people in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and English, as well as other languages of countries where Jews have lived.

The Choir performs for holiday celebrations and special events at the Peretz Centre and in the Jewish and mainstream communities.

Major works performed in recent years have included Rozhinkes mit mandlen, Yomervokhets (Jabberwocky), In Amerike, Benyomin der driter, Ikh bin a Yid, Oyb nit nokh hekher, and excerpts from Di yam gazlonim (Pirates of Penzance, translated into Yiddish by Al Grand). In 2013, the choir performed a piece written by one of it's members, Victor Neuman, The Family Naiman, which told in narration, song and video, of his family's journey to freedom during the World War II years.

The Choir welcomes all new members. What better way to spend a Tuesday evening?

(Photo, above, by Jim Peskin. Photos below by Donna Becker)

choir rehearsal
Rehearsal, Spring 2013

Part of the choir rehearses

choir break
Choir takes a break

Performing at Community Third Seder, April 2004

Performing at Van Dusen Gardens, December 2003


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All singers welcome. Spend Tuesday evenings learning and singing traditional and contemporary songs of the Jewish people in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and English.