Peretz Community Seder

You and your family are invited to join us at our annual secular Community Seder. RSVP is required: 604-325-1812 or Our seder features our secular Hagaddah, Holocaust memorial service, the Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir’s Pesach repertoire, and a  traditional Pesach meal (chicken soup with matzo ball, chicken, vegetables, salad, wine). Vegetarian alternatives to the soup and chicken are available with advance request. Deadline for reservations: April 3.

יעדער מענטש האָט זיך זײַן פּעקל Everyone Has His Own Burden.

יעדער מענטש האָט זיך זײַן פּעקל

Yeder mentsh hot zikh zayn pekl.

Everyone has his own burden.



Another way you could translate this is “everyone has his own baggage”. Either way, the point is the same: everyone suffers, everyone has a history, and much or all of it is invisible to us. As Kurt Vonnegut, Jr once wrote: “Look, I didn’t ask to be born.” All of us are born into situations we didn’t choose, needing to learn to operate and then care for bodies and minds we didn’t choose to be in, often with minimal instructions given the daunting complexity of the task. Parents, class, race, even religion, are largely chosen for us and we must learn to play the hand we’re dealt. To quote another Yiddish proverb:


ווען אַלע זאָלן ברענגען זייערע פּעקלעך צרות אין מאַרק פֿאַרקויפֿן

.וואָלט יעדערער גיך זײַן פּעקל צוריקגעכאַפּט

Ven ale zoln brengen zeyere peklekh tsores in mark farkoyfn, volt yederer gikh zayn pekl tsurikgekhapt.

If everyone brought their bundle of troubles to sell in the market,

each person would quickly take back his own.


Let’s try to be gentle and understanding with each other.