Nor ein mol iz di zun shtein geblibben.

Nor ein mol iz di zun shtein geblibben.

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“Only once did the sun stand still”.


This saying references the story in the book of Joshua where a miracle stops the sun in the sky until ancient Israel can win a battle against their enemies (Joshua 10:13). The point is obvious: don’t rely on a miracle to make what you want happen.


All of us have a lot of things we wish would happen, both on a personal and a global level. We hope we will be healthy, happy and safe. We hope that climate change will be stopped and the ecosystems and creatures of the earth will survive, peace will prevail over war, and justice over injustice.


The question is, what are we doing about it? We can’t take on all of these causes (unless we can, and if you’re in that position, good for you!) but the pertinent question to ask ourselves is, is there anything in our lives we long for but are not actually taking practical steps to make happen? I can think of a damning list of things I wish for and maybe even pride myself on wishing for, but am not doing anything, or in any case could be doing more about. The message of this yiddishe vort:  The sun will not stand still for me or for you.


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