Gelt iz blotte (Money is mud).

Gelt iz blotte (Money is mud).

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This Yiddish saying sounds like it means “money is blood”, which too often is true when blood is shed for money,but it actually translates as “money is mud”. Several associations present themselves when one hears this saying:


Money is quicksand. The more money one has, the more one sinks in it, is consumed with protecting it and defending it, or making it grow. The sinking trap of money is not limited to those who have it, though. In an unequal society where whether or not one has money is conditional on many factors, only some of which are in one’s control and only some of the time, those who do not have money can also end up sunk in obsession about how to get more, how to pay next month’s rent, how to afford better food for one’s children.


Money sticks to everything it touches. Mud sticks to hands, shoes, clothing. It has a way of finding itself in your house, in the cracks of your shoes, smeared on your pants. Money also has a way of sticking to you, of walking alongside you, of insinuating itself into everything.


 Money leaves a trail. As the saying goes, “follow the money”. Why did Christie Clark approve Kinder Morgan’s pipeline? Does it have anything to do with the more than $700,000 that Kinder Morgan donated to the BC liberals? Why was Drumpf elected president?

Gelt iz blotte.


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